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"...The Lean Zone Office simulation provided an excellent experiental visit to the potentials of a lean office..."



Welcome to the Lean Zone®

Home of the Lego® Airplane Game!

The Lean Zone® is a place where process improvement methodologies meet practical application in the workplace. At Visionary Products, we've spent more than 20 years applying Lean Practices to all types of organizations in ways that educate, stimulate, and motivate.

Visionary Products successfully sells to over 30 of the Fortune 500 companies, and other progressive companies around the world (to over 44 countries). Our simulations are dynamic teaching tools that are designed to engage and familiarize your audience with Lean manufacturing and office processes. All of our Lean Simulations come with detailed instructions to facilitate the exercises, and are easily understood. 

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·      *Lego is a registered trademark of the owner (Lego Juris A/S Corp.) and has no affiliation with or endorsement of our website or products. The interlocking blocks in the simulation are not manufactured by Lego. 

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